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Welcome to Blessing's Shar Pei. Please feel free to have a look
at our Peis, browse the informational articles or check our links
page for additional resources. If you have any questions on anything 
Pei, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Or on Facebook.
J. L. Wortham-Morgan (Jan)

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Recent News

        'Recent News'

We are taking reservations now for our Dali lined (Traditional Shar Pei) 2018 summer litter. Puppies are here and we have another litter planned for later this summer.
For info on available puppies please check our Nursery page. To reserve 
a puppy contact me by phone or email.  

Dr Tintle's article on the genetics of FSF & Hyaluronan just
published 3-17-11 and her other relevant articles on Hyaluronan,
FSF & Amyloidosis. IMPORTANT to read for all Pei Owners. Links below.

Dr. Tintle's FSF/Hyaluronan Genetics article on PLos Genetics  

Dr. Tintle's article on Shar Pei & Hyaluronan 
Dr. Tintle's Monograph on Hyaluronasis FSF & Amyloidosis   

Home of Faces of FSF/Amyloidosis Awareness & Memorial project.
Photos can be submitted along with dog's call name and date of birth
and date of death (if deceased) to jl@blessingssharpei.com 


More News!!! HALLELUJA!!!!!

DNA Test for FSF/Amyloidosis is available now!!! Testing info at link below. We at Blessing's CSP have tested one so far (CNV6...lowered risk of FSF/SPAID) and intend to eventually test all of our breeding stock.

Broad Institute(FSF/Amyloidosis Test Info) 

We are a small breeder of Chinese Shar Pei. We are located 
in Spokane, WA. I was a breeder/exhibitor of Shar Pei in the 80’s and 
90’s (House of Dashing CSP), was out of the breed for a time and have 
been back in the breed since 2006. 

Our present line of dogs are direct descendents of my old line and many 
of our original breed’s CSPCA Champions.
Our dogs are raised and regarded as family members first, in our home, 
not in a kennel environment. We keep only a few adults and produce only 
1-2 litters per year that are selectively bred and lovingly raised.
Our adults are health tested and OFA certified prior to breeding and screened 
regularly for any health issues. 

Our goal as breeders is to breed healthy, sound, correct, beautiful 
Chinese Shar Pei with excellent temperament and a focus on good 
longevity, whether show dogs or companion dogs. We are AKC accredited
Breeder of Merit and we are signers of the CSPCA’s Breeder’s Code of 
Conduct and strictly adhere to their guidelines.

We offer ongoing support and guidance to our adoptive families in 
regards to care, feeding, behavioral, training and breed information. 
Though we prefer phone calls to be between the hours of 10am and 10pm 
(pacific time) unless there is a dire emergency, I try to be available 
for questions or advice as needed. 

We are also willing to serve as “Mentors” for those individuals who
are seriously interested in learning to become responsible and 
ethical breeders/exhibitors and who intend to breed for the betterment 
of the breed. I am a firm believer that owner and new breeder education 
is one of the most important and impactful ways we can serve both the 
individual dogs and the breed as a whole.

For more information on our dogs or on the breed, please feel free to 
contact me directly.

Janet Wortham-Morgan

Spokane, WA 
We do NOT accept blocked calls. Please unblock your phone or
leave a message and we will return your call.  If you can't reach me by phone 
send me an email too.